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My Mission Is to Help You Make More Money and Get Control of Your Time!

Over the last 10 years, business has changed in a major way.  Many once successful businesses have struggled by not keeping up.

This website is setup to help provide the systems, frameworks, and insights to help you run a successful business and help aspiring entrepreneurs get started.

You’ll find videos, interviews with successful business owners, and resources to help you thrive!

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My Story - Bullet Style!

I like bullets. They are much easier for me to read than the longer-winded version below the picture.  For those of you like me, here’s the bullet version of the things I’m proud of and who I am:

  • I have been married since 2001.
  • I have 3 amazing kids that make me smile and laugh everyday.
  • I went from 260+ lbs. to completing a full IRONMAN (2.4 swim, 112 bike, 26.2 run) in 10 months.
  • I successfully advanced from an entry-level position at Helpdesk, years ago, working all the way up to being a Vice President of Technology.
  • I have bought, owned and sold a number of small businesses.
  • I own a very successful Web Design and Development Company.
  • I won the ‘Hardest Working Player’ award on my high school football team.
  • I am a Bronco season ticket holder and sit in the second row where the visitors come out.
  • I have a National Championship Ring.  I walked onto a Division II football team and made the team. Although I had to have surgery before the season started, I was still on the roster when they won the National Championship.
  • I have helped build more than 100 websites and have provided consulting services to as many business owners.
  • I care deeply for my family and friends. I have the same core set of friends that I had in high school – some of them even go back to elementary school.
  • I have a deep passion for helping business owners.  I find a true sense of worth by helping them make more money, reduce expenses, streamline processes, etc.
  • I am a relentless worker. Once I have a focus and a goal, there is no stopping me.

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My Story - The Journey

Growing Up

I’ve been fortunate, blessed, gifted and lucky enough in my career to be surrounded by great teams, leaders, companies and opportunities.

As a young child, I looked up to my father, who was, at the time, the Executive Vice President of Pepsi Cola Bottling in Denver.  I was too young to learn direct business lessons from him, but I like to think that I learned from him and his friends (co-workers) along the way.

It seems, maybe, some of my intuition was either genetic or environmental – or maybe a little bit of both. Like many of you, I was entrepreneurial at a young age. I learned quickly that there are fantastic margins on free Pepsi, and demand was through the roof in my neighborhood. I ran a mini-enterprise out of the side of my house.

I have played sports my entire life and have a tremendous amount of respect for athletes, team sports, and competition. For me, playing sports taught me way more than blocking and tackling. I’ll write more on this later but, suffice it to say, sports is a passion of mine!

Professional Career

Business comes really easy to me and is something I really enjoy.  By business, I mean understanding how a business should be run, identifying opportunities for improvement, asking the right questions, finding the root cause of issues and just “getting it.”

I own a web design company and have worked with hundreds of small business owners.  I’ve also worked for or with places like Microsoft, Ford, Dell, Perot Systems (Yes, as in Ross Perot), Sports Illustrated, and Time Inc., as well as large healthcare, real estate, and financial services companies. I have also spent time in the sports industry and have franchised businesses.

Over the last 20 years, I’ve had the pleasure of working with some super smart people and great business minds.  I’ve also had the pleasure of helping, directly or indirectly, people who have great ideas, products or services but who really lacked core business skills.

So, in 2015, I took a hard look at what I do for the small, medium and large businesses I work with, and something became very clear: I help them run better businesses.

With my web design customers, I spend a lot of time advising them on things outside of their website. It’s a great feeling, and something I thoroughly enjoy. For larger companies, they too have a need for asking the right questions. After all, getting to the best answers comes from asking the right questions and answering them with candor and resolve.

That’s what I do. I help businesses of all sizes ask the right questions in nearly all aspects of their business (Technology, Marketing, Operations, etc.).  I certainly don’t claim to have all of the answers, and I think a lot of times, the businesses I work with already know what they “should” be doing. They just need an outsider’s perspective.

What I can promise is that I provide clear, honest, and sound guidance based on 20+ years of experience and working with hundreds of businesses like yours.  I won’t call your baby ugly, but you may hear that it needs some makeup.

I’m using this website as a platform for business owners, like you, to reach out to me and gain access to some of my knowledge so that you can make more money and free up your time.

Success isn’t always defined by making more money. Each business owner defines success differently. My passion and pleasure is helping you identify and go after Your Success.

“Everyone Needs A Coach” - Eric Schmidt, Google CEO