Not On Social Media - Where To Start

Not On Social – Where To Start

If you have an existing business or just starting one and no social media presence, you’ll often hear two extreme schools of thought.

One extreme is to take the been seen everywhere approach.  This really means all of the social media channels with your content.  You either have to have a massive team to do this “right” or you’ll just end up spewing content to channels where that type of content doesn’t work.  Then there’s the pick one channel and be the expert at that channel only.

Then there’s the pick one channel and be the expert at that channel only.  This view has some merit.  You can go really deep on the channel and create some really targeted content.  The challenge with this is you limit your audience and all of your eggs are in one basket.

I actually fall in between these two extremes.  I believe you can find 3-4 platforms that work for your product or service and do really well.  The key component is making sure your product/service and content matches the platforms “style” and audience.  The right questions to ask are:

  • I plan to, or already have, X type of content, what social media channels does this type of content work in?
  • How can I leverage and reuse the content I have and be successful on other social media channels?
  • My product or service has a specific demographic, what social media platforms service that demographic?

The infographic at the bottom of this post does a good job of summarizing the mainstream social platforms and some high-level information.  It doesn’t include some of the recent trends in live streaming (Periscope, Meerkat, or Facebook Live) or platforms like SnapChat or even YouTube and Vimeo.  There are literally hundreds of social media options, the key is content type, audience, and strategy.

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