Use Project Management Tools and Processes, Especially When You’re Small – Brandon Uttley

F53-022: Use Project Management Tools and Processes, Especially When You’re Small – Brandon Uttley

Brandon Uttley

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Guest Name:

Brandon Uttley – Go For Launch

Guest Intro:

Brandon used to run a web design company and a digital agency and now he’s an entrepreneur. He has a great little story about how he got there which had hiccups along the way. Brandon and I reminisce a little bit about being in business and podcasting as well as some tools we use. This is a good show and I hope you enjoy it.

Brandon is the Founder and CEO of Go For Launch, an educational and marketing resource for entrepreneurs. He is also the author of a new #1 Amazon bestselling book, Pod Castaway: My Search for Podcasting Fame and Fortune. Prior to his current role, Brandon co-founded and was CEO of Command Partners, a digital marketing agency. He was also the Co-founder and President of Carbonhouse, Inc., a nationally recognized web design firm. Brandon became an entrepreneur after a successful career working with several top marketing and PR firms.

Topics We Discuss:

  • Getting intentional about starting a business
  • The power of having mentors
  • Good project management system for small business
  • The challenges of being a solopreneur
  • Balancing new projects versus current operations: The 70-15-15 split
  • Scheduling time and blocking time off to focus on your priorities
  • The process of hiring for greatness
  • Dealing with the struggle of giving away your own voice
  • Writing vs. podcasting
  • Content creation: Overcoming the “shiny object” syndrome
  • Filtering emails: Brandon’s I.V. rule (Interesting or Vital?)
  • Getting Things Done – delegation, deletion, deferment
  • Other cool tools Brandon uses daily

Books, People, & Resources:


Go For Launch

Pod Castaway: My Search for Podcasting Fame and Fortune

Getting Things Done by David Allen

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert


Process Street


Screenbot by Droplr





Pamela for Skype



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